The Parable of the Lousy Samaritan

john pavlovitz

homeless-personSo in the Gospel account of Luke, Jesus tells a parable (this kind of spiritually loaded word picture), which even if you’re not a particularly religious person you’re probably vaguely familiar with, commonly known as the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Synopsis: A lone traveler is befallen by bandits and left bloodied and penniless by the side of the road. He is passed over by two religious folks (a Priest and a Levite) who both ignore the wounded man in their midst, but a Samaritan stops, binds up his wounds, gets a room for him, and pays for the man’s recovery needs.

To those not familiar with the scene and the characters Jesus uses or with his audience, the moral of the story might seem like just another feel good, lay-up, megachurch message of “Be kind to others in need.” but it’s far more scandalous and subversive than that.

Jesus, a First…

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