Step into The Zone…

Step into The Zone…

When you experience the awesome presence of God, you have tapped into a deeper dimension of His great grace. Oh, the overwhelming peace that imparts over into your mind, body, and soul. Nothing can describe it or take away, except when we get in the flesh.

Just as the spirit and flesh battle constantly like God and the Devil, for the spirit is always willing to go before the very throne of grace, to receive mercy in that time of need.  The flesh cannot comprehend the things of the Spirit.

You have to make the firm and final choice who you are going to follow, and put that spirit to death in you heart of hearts.  

     The veil has been torn, we have access into the very holy of holies by the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He paved the way for us. Walk in the narrow way, and put to death the deeds of the flesh. Come on now, you can do it you can come boldly into the very zone around God’s throne and receive all you ever desired in your heart according to the will of God. Amen?